Ten Terribly Terrific Tall Tales Trying to Trip the Triune

This is a collection of ten short stories that were intended to amuse, bemuse, and confuse. They include everything from the serious to the absurd, from events which are entirely possible to ideas that are barely comprehensible. All of them were written in 2003, and they were my first attempts at polished works of fiction. Each story was the product of my creative writing classes, so I’ve included an explanation of the assignments that led to each one. They have little in common except that my brain pooped them out, so you’re bound to find something to keep you entertained.

  1. The Drug Dealer
  2. When Good Characters Go Bad
  3. Dude…Chicks
  4. Shifting Sands
  5. Probably Not the Greatest Story Ever Told
  6. A Little Role Play
  7. Mr. Reman
  8. I Know, I Know
  9. Meddling Honor
  10. Last Testament

The book is now available for purchase, both in print and on Kindle. If you’ve enjoyed the stories, please support this project and consider buying a copy.