Editor Reel

I was the lead editor for each of these projects. This first section contains videos created for my regular day job or commissioned as a freelancer. They vary widely from high-concept corporate pieces to frenetic video game trailers.

Unlocked: The World of Games, Revealed

My first foray into video production and editing started with this epic two-year journey. My friend, Jeremy Snead, asked me to be the associate producer and join him on this cool experiment. I learned how to write scripts, research topics, organize shoots, arrange travel, record audio, edit videos, create motion graphics, collaborate with celebrities and gaming legends, and a whole lot more.

Mashterpiece Theater

Mashups are commonplace on the internet these days, so I wanted to create something more. I edited these videos together to teach myself the software and understand how editing works, and it became an obsession for a while. The idea is to create something genuinely novel by mixing songs and videos so they feel like they were always meant to be together.


What started as a joke has quickly become one of my favorite things to edit. I noticed that Taylor Swift’s music and videos can often be much more intense and darker than what I’d always imagined. And being a fan of Slipknot, I had their music in my mind while watching some of her videos. After the first one proved to be a lot of fun, I couldn’t stop myself from creating several more.