Here’s a project I have spent quite some time working on, but not nearly as much time as Dream Theater spent creating the music that went into it. This is a complete album of the nearly two decades of DT’s career. It starts with an intro that includes all of their albums, ends with an outro that includes all of their albums, and has one representative track from each album in between.

This is the updated version that includes a track from their newest album, Systematic Chaos. The entire track list is as follows:

  1. (intro)
  2. The Ytse Jam
  3. Learning to Live
  4. Scarred
  5. Burning My Soul
  6. Beyond This Life
  7. Blind Faith
  8. Endless Sacrifice
  9. Never Enough
  10. The Ministry of Lost Souls
  11. The Count of Tuscany
  12. Breaking All Illusions
  13. Illumination Theory
  14. (outro)

I would recommend you listening to this all at once, if you can. There are no track breaks because it’s supposed to represent the typical length of a musical piece by Dream Theater. If you find that you love it and absolutely must have a copy in CD form, let me know. I have to burn special copies because of the tracks.


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