Dream Theater

  • Ytsevolution


    I’ve been slowly working on this Dream Theater project for several years. It takes one track from each album and blends them together into a single album.

  • Ytsevolution

    Here’s a project I have spent quite some time working on, but not nearly as much time as Dream Theater spent creating the music that went into it. This is a complete album of the nearly two decades of DT’s career. It starts with an intro that includes all of their albums, ends with an…

  • The Twelve Step Suite by Dream Theater

    This is a suite of four songs that I mixed together after I realized that they are parts of a larger body of work that Dream Theater is actively working on. Each song is from a different album and will likely be performed as a single piece of music once they have put it all…

  • instruMENTAL: A Dream Theater Medley

    instruMENTAL: A Dream Theater Medley

    This is a piece that I mixed together when I first discovered Cool Edit Pro (which is now called Adobe Audition). It’s a wacky remix/homage/compilation thing that is made of the intense and instrumental moments from Dream Theater’s first few albums. I would like to make another one, but there are twice as many albums…