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February 22 2016

This is (among other things) an attempt to use musical themes to represent certain factions, a la John Williams. The heroic main theme represents the humans, and it makes multiple appearances each time they come on screen. But if you listen closely you can hear that not all is well with this particular group of humans. Very early in the video, for example, you’ll hear the change in the melody that coincides with the revelation that the beasts they are subduing are actually a family. The humans clearly see them as sub-human, which sets the stage for the rest of the story.

audio: “Strength of a Thousand Men” by Two Steps from Hell
video: Asura Online Cinematic Trailer

October 26 2015

This is what happens when I can’t sleep because a gorgeous song and mesmerizing video are floating around in my mind. I have been obsessed with Thomas Bergersen’s album Sun, which came out exactly one year before I discovered it. And I have always considered Ron Fricke’s Baraka as one of my all-time favorite films. This video was edited together using “In Paradisum” by Thomas Bergersen and excerpts from Ron Fricke’s film Samsara, which was a follow-up to Baraka. Witness the mesmerizing Tibetan Buddhist tradition of creating and destroying mandalas made from colored sand.

audio: “In Paradisum” by Thomas Bergersen
video: Samsara by Ron Fricke

October 3 2015

The tragic fall of Shurima was nothing compared to the tragedy of its rise from the grave.

This was my very first mashterpiece, which has been a hobby* of mine for the past few years. At the time, I was just immersed in League of Legends because we were traveling around with Strawburry17 for our series Unlocked. It wasn’t until after I completed this video that I realized this could become a regular thing. I definitely didn’t expect it to grow into a full-blown obsession.

audio: “Final Frontier” by Thomas Bergersen
video: Shurima: Descent into the Tomb & Shurima: Rise of the Ascended from League of Legends


September 20 2015

I’d forgotten just how powerful this film could be (until I made this more than twenty years after first seeing it).

September 18 2015

Symphoniacal is a project I’ve been working on this a very long time. It started over a decade ago while I was basically just playing around with some audio editing software. It’s a perennial project that I revisit every time I’m inspired. I’ll never be able to publish or sell it (nor do I really want to) because it’s composed of the works of dozens of people. It’s very much an homage, a passion piece.

And now I’m only halfway there.

I’ve recently begun using video editing software on a regular basis, which I never had real access to until now. And as soon as I started adding clips to the audio I’ve been mixing for a decade, I realized it could really benefit from visuals. So now I’ve begun the process of stitching together a rough cut of the video in hopes of matching it to the audio that has captivated me for so long.

January 26 2015

This is — at the same time — one of the best music videos and video game commercials produced by humanity.

September 11 2013

The Scarecrow

The song you’re hearing is “Pure Imagination” from Willy Wonka as performed by Fiona Apple. After you see it, you’ll understand why everyone sold out to such a worthwhile video.

June 27 2013

“I was waiting for you all my life.”

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