Stop using www. right now!

I grew up in a town of about 12,000. Everyone I knew had the same area code and the same prefix to their phone number. For anyone calling from, say, Kansas, my home phone number was (806) 894-4879. For anyone calling from my hometown, all I had to tell them was 4879.

Well, I have a small but annoying complaint with Internet users right now. Did you know that for almost every website, you don’t have to type www. before the domain name? Seriously, it’s a complete waste of time. If it doesn’t work, it just means that the person who set the site up didn’t do it correctly. But I digress.

When you see someone typing www. before the domain, it’s like they’re calling their next door neighbor and entering the area code (and the parentheses) before they dial the actual number that matters. If I was telling my neighbor my phone number, I used to tell them 4879. But typing www. is like me telling them my phone number is, “Open parentheses, eight zero six, close parentheses, eight nine four, four eight seven nine.” They would just roll their eyes while I told them the area code and the prefix.

All I’ve gotta say is, don’t be that person online.


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