This is mind numbingly geeky and I probably…

This is mind-numbingly geeky (and I probably shouldn’t share it publicly), but I really think growing up as a musician and a video gamer is why I enjoy switching between PCs and Macs all day. Specifically, because I use keyboard shortcuts the whole time I’m working, and the differences between PCs and Macs are subtle-but-distinct. That means I have to “play” the computer keyboard like a musical instrument, and I have to mentally switch between keyboard layouts the way a pianist switches between key changes.

To copy something on a PC you use Ctrl+C, but copy on a Mac is Command+C. But are the Ctrl and Command buttons in the same place? No. The Command key on a Mac is where the Alt key is on a PC, and the Control key on a Mac is next to the Function key, where the Ctrl key usually is on a PC. On top of all the copying/cutting/pasting/undoing I do with those key combinations, there’s the constant use of Alt+Tab (on a PC) and Command+Tab (Mac) to switch between programs. Throw in a Shift and it switches the other direction. Annnd, once I’m in a program, I have to use Ctrl+Tab (PC) or Control+Tab (Mac) to switch between windows. Again, throw in Shift and you can switch windows in the other direction.

I’m sorry. That’s insanely boring.


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