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December 25 2014
July 17 2014

Year of the Geek

Thanks to Jeremy Snead’s documentary about video games, Weird Al’s invasion of the Internet, and the resurrection of Carl Sagan’s Cosmos, this is turning out to be the year of the geek.

September 14 2012

This is mind-numbingly geeky (and I probably shouldn’t share it publicly), but I really think growing up as a musician and a video gamer is why I enjoy switching between PCs and Macs all day. Specifically, because I use keyboard shortcuts the whole time I’m working, and the differences between PCs and Macs are subtle-but-distinct. That means I have to “play” the computer keyboard like a musical instrument, and I have to mentally switch between keyboard layouts the way a pianist switches between key changes.

To copy something on a PC you use Ctrl+C, but copy on a Mac is Command+C. But are the Ctrl and Command buttons in the same place? No. The Command key on a Mac is where the Alt key is on a PC, and the Control key on a Mac is next to the Function key, where the Ctrl key usually is on a PC. On top of all the copying/cutting/pasting/undoing I do with those key combinations, there’s the constant use of Alt+Tab (on a PC) and Command+Tab (Mac) to switch between programs. Throw in a Shift and it switches the other direction. Annnd, once I’m in a program, I have to use Ctrl+Tab (PC) or Control+Tab (Mac) to switch between windows. Again, throw in Shift and you can switch windows in the other direction.

I’m sorry. That’s insanely boring.

May 18 2009

What would happen if Eminem took himself less seriously, had a sense of humor, and loved to play World of Warcraft? The answer: MC Frontalot‘s “Final Boss”