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July 17 2015

How Convenient

That one time when I made Kevin Smith’s day.

December 25 2014

Here’s a short demonstration of a Buddhist singing bowl.

July 27 2014

The legality of their citizenship is ultimately irrelevant. We can devise any number of laws to make people criminals (just look at the population of our prison system thanks to the war on drugs). But our laws have no bearing on why they are here. Most of the people coming across our borders illegally don’t do it out of a criminal disregard for our laws, traditions, or anything like that. They are doing it because this is *supposed* to be the greatest nation in the world with the most freedom and opportunity. At least, that’s what we keep telling ourselves.

It’s foolish to assume that we don’t have the ability to take care of more people in this nation. It’s a propagandist *lie* that has been fed to us for generations. Just take a cursory glance at our GDP, the median household income, or any other metric involving financial resources. Anyone with even a slightly working knowledge of what it takes to feed, clothe, and even sustain a human being would be fooling themselves if they thought we couldn’t handle more. As a matter of fact, we have more empty homes in this nation than homeless people. It’s a damn shame that we keep telling ourselves this bullshit, especially while touting ourselves as a Christian nation.

China has FIVE TIMES as many people as we do and we still have more monetary and natural resources than they do. The entire continent of Africa has over a billion people and our nation outranks all of their nations COMBINED. Our current population is over 300million, and even the most *extreme* estimates put the number of illegal immigrants at 30million. The vast majority of our financial problems are due to the unending wars we didn’t have to engage in and the never-ending loans we take out to pour money into the pockets of the top 1%. It’s complete and utter nonsense to pretend like we can’t handle more people. The problem is our xenophobic attitude toward our fellow humans, not our supposed inability to deal with people who are already willing to work harder for less than any of us would tolerate.

The whole idea that we need to get our shit in order first before we can deal with other people is one of the biggest propagandist lies of our generation. People like the Koch brothers and Rupert Murdoch have spent more money than most of us can even conceive to ensure that millions of people believe this lie. And it’s working. The richest people in all of history are alive right now, but we are focused on discriminating against people so poor that they are completely uprooting their lives and tearing apart their families just for the mere chance of making it happen here in America. And we — the descendants of illegal immigrants who committed genocide against the natives — are attempting to block these people from the same opportunities we have been blessed to receive.

July 23 2014

We need to stop using the term “atheism” because it refers to something that does not exist.

July 17 2014

Year of the Geek

Thanks to Jeremy Snead’s documentary about video games, Weird Al’s invasion of the Internet, and the resurrection of Carl Sagan’s Cosmos, this is turning out to be the year of the geek.

December 10 2013

My friend, filmmaker, and funnyman Jeremy Snead gives us a quick tour of his shrine to the bygone era of video rentals where people had to travel to specific places to pick up physical copies of films in order to enjoy them.

July 26 2013

Rosie is sweet.

This is our Moluccan cockatoo, Rosie. She’s a little camera shy, but I was able to capture a little bit of a conversation. What you may not realize from this short video is that she often understands what’s being said. She doesn’t just parrot back what we say because we’ve never trained her to say anything.

July 2 2013

I left the Texas state capitol building last night heading back to my car, and I was stopped by an entourage of state troopers. I wondered why until I heard a distant sound that grew steadily louder. The media were wrong when they said only a few hundred people attended the rally in Austin. This video was taken several hours after the rally, and they were still marching around the city.

May 28 2013

Daft Punk Helmet

I wish I’d recorded half an hour of this guy. That helmet was a work of art.

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