A Thought Experiment

Where does a good story begin? In a dark, wet alleyway of a large city? How about a cotton field in Texas? A business cubicle just before midnight?

No. It starts inside an atom, just inside the electron shell. The hum of the spinning protons, neutrons and electrons create a weird echo in here. We squeeze out of the three shells…1…2…3…ahh.

The fuzzy ball in front of us looks like a gas planet. As we back away we see first a handful similar shapes clustered around. As we pull back even more we now see many more of the fuzzy spheres, all lined up into even lines. Now hundreds…no, thousands…millions…

Strange, beautiful beams zipping silently by us, millions upon millions bouncing off the pattern of circles below. Many of the beams seem to alter their course as they enter and bounce around inside the even larger cluster of circles. Everything begins to glow with an increasing brilliance as those pretty beams begin to blend together.

As we continue our ascent above the pattern below we see the texture of millions of spheres turn into a plane…and now two. An edge is now visible. Higher and higher, more planes appear, brightly glowing now as the full size of the structure below comes into view.

With the full crystal in view now, we begin to see the contrasting mass of jagged black rocks that surround it. The beams now light up the mostly clear boulder as we go even higher.


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