• Heart of the System

    Heart of the System

    A young woman goes on a journey to the inner planets of our solar system and becomes a participant in one of the most unprecedented events in human history.

  • Q: Is the human mind capable of grasping the universe?

    Q: Is the human mind capable of grasping the universe? A: I don’t think the human mind is capable of fully understanding it, but only because we were not evolved for such advanced thinking. It doesn’t make a difference in our lives whether or not we can grasp these concepts, so the tendency towards advanced…

  • Symphoniacal


    This is an epic musical collage, an homage to dark and powerful film scores.

  • Cosmos VIII. Travels in Space and Time

    Cosmos VIII. Travels in Space and Time

    Before the Sun rose and set in the sky of Earth, A giant blue-green rock spun lazily around its star. Then a being, mostly calling itself Man, Gave names to these gods of the ground and sky. Our solitary sun floats with its family of planets. A grain of sand in a beach too massive…

  • Cosmos XII. Encyclopaedia Galactica

    Cosmos XII. Encyclopaedia Galactica

    Ethereal lights in the sky, unexplainable phenomena, And alleged astronauts older than any nation Lead many to believe we’re inundated with uninvited guests. Though I wish it were so, it probably just isn’t true. It could be that we have not been discovered, And our xenophobia causes us to see lights in the sky. Besides,…

  • The River of Entropy

    The River of Entropy

    I imagine the Cosmos, infinite and remote. I reflect on our sun, the perfect planetary host. I consider our world, the pale blue home of the Earthlings, I think of this forest, and of this path I tread. Intentionally lost among Appalachian giants, I wander a chaotic, forkful path. Willfully losing myself in the grandeur,…

  • Skywatcher


    We ride this world, an island of the cosmos Which falls forever towards our sun. We’re perched on the cosmic beach Poised to hold on to one. The jet-black dome is alive with light Ancient energy illuminates the night. The sky is worthy of Heaven, Graced by the upstart Sisters of Seven, With the Hunter,…

  • A Thought Experiment

    Where does a good story begin? In a dark, wet alleyway of a large city? How about a cotton field in Texas? A business cubicle just before midnight? No. It starts inside an atom, just inside the electron shell. The hum of the spinning protons, neutrons and electrons create a weird echo in here. We…