We ride this world, an island of the cosmos
Which falls forever towards our sun.
We’re perched on the cosmic beach
Poised to hold on to one.

The jet-black dome is alive with light
Ancient energy illuminates the night.

The sky is worthy of Heaven,
Graced by the upstart Sisters of Seven,
With the Hunter, who kneels to Rigel.
Their home, noxious, worthy of Hell.

I am overwhelmed by the terrific size
The universe appears to be endless.
But the opportunity is free, and available to most
Though some will shy away in fear.

Serious Sirius with mighty Aphrodite
A cosmic dance, eons old.
Here I am, a simple mortal
Allowed to glimpse at history untold.

Unseen hands, reaching from Arcturus
Fields of gravity arc to us
And we feel the pull in our Sol.
The Mother has perpetual control.


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