Bigotry Is a Choice

The problem with the anti-homosexuality perspective is the belief that it is a choice. This leads people into the (very natural-but-misguided) assumption that it is therefore abnormal. The truth, however, is just the opposite. Anyone with enough intellectual integrity can take the time to look into it and realize the truth. Homosexuality occurs in virtually all mammalian species in a very predictable manner. Don’t believe me? That’s fine. It’s still the truth. Look it up. There are a million biology books written by hundreds of thousands of observational scientists that have proven this. Don’t believe the evil scientists? Then go do your own research. Don’t hate people for something you are too lazy to understand.

There’s a huge difference between subjective and objective. Opinions and beliefs are subjective; facts and statistics are objective. The belief that Justin Bieber is a musical genius is subjective; the fact that he is a highly-marketed adolescent is objective. We cannot be held responsible for our opinions because we do not choose what we will believe, but our opinions don’t change things that are simple fact. So, if someone believes that homosexuality is abnormal, they are completely entitled to that opinion or belief. But the fact that homosexuality is not abnormal just means they’re just misinformed. And if they want to stick beside that belief even in the face of evidence, it just means they’re a bigot.

And bigotry has no place in this world anymore.


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