Q: Do you find the term “westerner” offensive?

Q: Do you find the term “westerner” offensive?
Depends a bit on who says it, but it’s beginning to get to me. It never botherred me before but i have a Muslim collegue from Afghanistan who has used it in a few to many inaccurate and offensive contexts and now it really rubs me the wrong way. e.g. my least favourite “the average westerner had 600 sexual partners in their lifetime” he got this out of a pemphlet in his mosque, i have no idea how they got this figure, they must have got the sluttiest college kid they could find and then extrapolated that behaviour over 80 years or something, or just made it up.

A: I find the use of any term that overgeneralizes any group of people annoying, but I am not offended by it. That kind of language is just a symptom of a larger problem. I mean, really, 600 sexual partners is pretty heroic…even for Americans.


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