Q: Why do people follow the bible so fanatically?

Q: Why do people follow the bible so fanatically?
The bible’s influence on the majority of the population is on par with Hitler’s influence on his own people. If you force lies in a person’s face over and over again, eventually the truth will be perceived as a lie. This has been used before with great results.I’m not saying the bible is all lies; rather that people will choose to look at a book written by fellow MEN, men who were just as likely to lie as we are today, possibly more so, and regard it as the word of god and the ultimate truth. This is not a question, it is more along the lines of a topic of discussion.

A: We have a long biological heritage of following the pack, of being part of a hierarchy, and of following the lead of an alpha male. It has served our species and our ancestors for millions of years to fall into these neatly-organized categories. Consequently, the tendency has been bred into us. That’s why we elect a supreme leader in a democracy (a complete contradiction that no one seems to mind).

Since the evolution of our species is still going on, we have some people who cling to old ideas of hierarchy even though our intellect is reaching the point where we don’t have to wait for someone to tell us what to believe. And so we end up with a certain section of the population that is growing more aware of the realities while the rest (the majority) are stuck in the ancient tendency to feel rather than think.


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