Untruth: Obama’s czars are controversial.

The suggestion that President Obama’s so-called czars are unprecedented or a violation of the Constitution has been thoroughly debunked. People that continue to talk about this idea are either poorly informed or intentionally misrepresenting ideas in order to create controversy. These people are legally appointed by the president, they must be approved by the Senate, they do not have executive power, and they are merely there to serve an advisory role. The term “czar” was conjured up by the media (just at the term Dubya was) and is only used as shorthand to simplify the titles of actual titles.

Some people also believe that Obama is shying away from the controversy, but he and his administration continue to address the czar issue. This is very likely an attempt to distract from the Republican party’s hypocritical stance on czars, having once praised George W. Bush for doing the same thing. Some people claim that Obama has appointed an unprecedented number of czars, but George W. Bush appointed over 30 czars during his time in office.


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