Vote for McCain/Palin = Vote for Evil

If you’re voting for McCain and Palin even after they engage in tactics like these, don’t fool yourself: you are voting for evil.  You’re already reading my post, so why not read the article that inspired it? Palin hits Obama for ‘terrorist’ connection

Unsubstantiated bullshit like this is what led us into a disastrous war and only further contributes to the decline of our once-great nation. It is an insult to the intelligence of the American voter because it takes advantage of the fact that a vast majority of us won’t take the time to find out the truth. People hear Palin say Obama has ties to terrorism and people gobble that crap up. She is deliberately lying to her potential constituents because she knows it’s easier than the truth. Why doesn’t this piss Republicans off? We are supposed to trust our leaders because they have our best interests in mind, and yet it seems like the only thing McCain and Palin want to do is win the election. They could care less about what we want as long as they get their way. And in case you’ve been asleep the past eight years, the Republican party will say/do anything is order to get what it wants.

I just wish incidents like this would motivate all those decent Republicans to reclaim their party from people like Palin, Cheney, and Guiliani.


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