Worried about illegal immigration? You’re being fooled.


2 responses to “Worried about illegal immigration? You’re being fooled.”

  1. I would love to believe what you are saying but what you are forgetting is that many illegal immigrants are being paid under the table which means they do not pay income tax and social security. Also when they get injured they HAVE to be treated. The only thing is when they get treated they go to the emergency room with no insurance and we do have to pay for their medical bills. Yes they do pay property tax and sales tax but both those are not federal government spending like income tax would be and sadly social security which we MUST change now!!(the government spending of social security) I believe in allowing people to come to this country I mean that’s how we were formed. A rag-tag group of immigrants coming here for our own reasons but there came a time when it started to have to be documented and we had Ellis Island for a while but we don’t anymore. I just can’t believe how someone says that having over 8 million people here illegally is not a problem, that blows my mind.

  2. The idea that immigrants aren’t paying taxes is a myth. Sure, they don’t pay an income tax that is automatically deducted from their paychecks, but they DO pay many other taxes. There are actually a lot of legal immigrants and natural born citizens who don’t pay taxes, so I really don’t see how that argument applies here.

    As far as medical bills, don’t blame the problems of our government’s failing health system on the immigrants who need emergency medical care. You’re forgetting completely about the Americans who use that same emergency care and never put a dime back into the system.

    8 million illegal aliens don’t hurt our economy as much as the Iraq war does *each month*! Illegal immigration has been going on since the inception of this nation, and it only becomes an issue when Republicans decide to make a big deal out of it. And it’s always around election time.


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