2000 Honda Civic Gas Mileage

I bought a slightly used 2000 Honda Civic in October of 2002, and at the time it only had 32,000 miles on it. I was increasingly aware of the coming gas crunch, so I wanted to make sure I had a vehicle that wouldn’t kill me at the gas pump. And since I’ve always wanted a hybrid, hydrogen, or other alternative fuel car, I wanted to know if it was worth it to pay the extra money if (in the end) I saved a lot on gas.

And so, like the obsessive compulsive person I am, I started saving every receipt from every time I put gas in my car, and I have tried to only get gas when I was running very low so it would give a better representation of my gas usage. The spreadsheet below is a work in progress. It shows almost every receipt I have received in the five years (and counting) since I purchased my car. I’m slowly adding all of the receipts, but I do have them and they will be automatically updating as I go.


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