T&A (Testosterone and Alcohol)

Why are people so shitty to each other? Furthermore, when someone is being shitty to someone, why does everyone allow it to happen?

Last night I was enjoying a night out with my friends at a bar when I noticed a loud noise coming from the men’s restroom. I immediately knew something wasn’t right and went to investigate. I had to shove the door open because two guys were fighting on the floor. When I finally got inside I noticed that one guy was beating THE HOLY SHIT out of the other. The first guy (who I will call Captain Asshole for the rest of this story) was fine, but the guy he was beating on (who I will call Poor Bastard) had a face full of blood and was dripping it everywhere. Another guy came in just as I did and the two of us separated them. Poor Bastard wasn’t being antagonistic or anything, and just kept saying, “Look at my face. You kicked my ass. It’s all good. You kicked my ass.”

But Captain Asshole was continuing to be a cocksuckermotherfucker. He kept claiming that he gave Poor Bastard a chance to back down, that somehow he had given him enough chances to not fight, but the truth is that Captain Asshole was too stupid, drunk, and full of testosterone that he couldn’t think straight. He got a couple of cheap shots in while the two of us held him back. Wow, what a winner. You’ve already beat the shit out of this poor skinny guy and now you take advantage of the fact that everyone in the room is trying to calm the situation. And on top of that, he smashed Poor Bastard’s cellphone on the tile floor just for good measure. What a fucking loser.

Anyway, Captain Asshole’s friends eventually got his worthless ass out of the bar and the bouncers and bartenders finally caught wind of it all and came to clean up. All in all, it was your typical jackassed bar fight involving a loser with a chip on his shoulder.

But here’s the reason I felt compelled to blog about it. I was the only…ONLY…person that tried to rectify the situation. I didn’t mention it, but when I went into the restroom there was one guy who was just standing there watching it all happen. He didn’t say a word or try to break them up or anything. He just stood there with his hands in his pockets and stupid ass look on his face. I blame him for letting it get where it did. All he had to do was (at least) try to break it up long enough for more people to help.

Then there was the guy who helped me stop the fight to begin with. At first I thought he was being helpful, but he was just trying to keep his friend out of trouble. He started cussing at Poor Bastard, telling him to “get the fuck outta here.” I mean, come ON! He was having trouble seeing because of all the blood in his face and somehow he’s supposed to walk his ass out into public? Give me a fucking break, you asshole.

And, to me, this is the worst part. None of my friends (at first) tried to help. They tried to stay completely out of it, and only once it was all over did one of my friends even get involved. The others just sat there with this complacent look on their faces, like it was none of their business. True, it was none of our business, and I don’t even know what they were fighting about. But whatever Poor Bastard did, it did not warrant what that worthless piece of shit Captain Asshole did to him.

In all, I’m pissed that this is the way our society works. People stand around like they’re not supposed to get involved, but when they are supposed to get involved they convince themselves they’re not supposed to. The truth is that fight was unpreventable, but from the moment I entered the fray it should’ve gotten better. If I was a foot taller and about fifty pounds heavier, I would’ve held Captain Asshole to the floor until the cops arrived. That fucker deserves to be punished, and if anyone can tell me his name, I would be most appreciative.

Take care of each other, people, not just yourselves.


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