There’s a Difference between Thinking and Doing

A family member recently sent out a family email and it got our discussion juices flowing again. My problem with the email was that it portrayed liberally-minded people as foolish and weak. If you really believe that, then this email is definitely for you.

Someone said that (most, if not all) liberals ACTUALLY believe that we should “dismantle our military machine” and be the first nation to completely get rid of nuclear weapons. Well, of course liberally-minded people believe these things. I am not afraid to say that we should dismantle our military and rid the world of nuclear weapons. What the HELL do we need with more death and suffering?

BUT, before you misunderstand me or take what I’m saying out of context, remember this: just because someone believes in something doesn’t mean they believe that something should be carried out. Ideals aren’t usually logistically possible. I don’t actually think that it would make it a better world if the US took the initiative and dismantled its only forms of defense. I’m not that stupid and neither are the people who feel that way. Just like most of you believe we should just nuke Iraq and start over, you wouldn’t actually do it because you’re SMART enough to know that such a thing would cause far more harm than good.


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