Eldery Drivers (and my 15 seconds of fame)

I just got my 15 seconds of fame! Earlier today I was watching CNN Headline News and I heard about the old man in California that ran through a crowded market. Then they asked, “Should the elderly be required to take yearly driving tests?” I couldn’t help but reply.

Well, about an hour later I was busy checking my email when suddenly I heard Renay (the guy) say, “Eric Metze from Lubbock, Texas writes…” Then he read the message below. He even pronounced my name correctly! I was thrilled, to say the least. I wish I’d been recording it.

“I am disappointed that our need to respect the elderly excludes them from the same safety procedures that all legal drivers must adhere. The reason we do not allow young drivers to get behind the wheel is because they may not be mentally or physically capable of driving. If it is discriminatory towards the elderly to make them prove they can drive, then it is equally discriminatory to refuse children under 15 the same right.”


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