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December 16 2017

I’ve loved The Walking Dead since Glenn first called Rick a dumbass, and I unflinchingly purchase every episode because it is (and will always be) one of my favorites. A bad chapter doesn’t make a for a bad novel, so sub-par episodes never really bother me. After all, my favorite show of all time is Buffy The Vampire Slayer, and I’d be dead wrong to believe that every episode/season is anywhere near as good as the best episodes/seasons.

Kirkman’s Negan is a compelling character, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan is a magnificent actor. But I have genuinely hated the storyline since Negan joined the show, and not just because I’m supposed to hate him. The show just hasn’t been the same since. Honestly, I think it’s because the characters behave more like they were fictional beings than actual humans. They behave in the most deus ex machina way instead of behaving like normal people.

The whole appeal of TWD is that you get to see people dealing with unprecedented situations and imagining the way you’d act in that situation. Do you cover yourself in the intestines of dead people so you can escape? Can you kill your mother before she becomes a zombie? Do you shoot your beloved wife’s undead body even while her eyes stare in your direction? Should you really have to suppress your feelings for your best friend’s wife after the world has ended and he’s probably dead in a hospital somewhere? These are the questions that made this show so magnificent.

But a band of silent, complicit, and pathetic betas that submit to the whims of a sociopathic and inconsistently murderous jackass with a spikey bat? What kind of shit is that? The show is now basically saying that we’re all lemmings who need people like Negan and Rick to give our lives direction. Fuck that. I wouldn’t want to live in a world where so many people would allow our leaders to behave that way. I’d rather be one of the walking dead than the living dead.

This show used to be excellent. It used to be so full of heart, the characters were relatively reasonable, and it had just the right amount of hope. Now it’s just angsty, apoplectic bullshit. The show’s producers are so bogged down in recreating (and intentionally obfuscating) the source material that the story has become artificial and unrealistic. It lacks the element that has set this series apart from the very opening scene: humanity.

August 18 2017

Last night, Spot (my cat) kept me company while I was sick. I was having severe chills and curled up in the fetal position. She deliberately laid down on the pillow next to me, inches away from my face, and watched me until I fell asleep. An hour later, I woke up and laid there motionless, no longer overcome with chills. After a few moments, she got up and left the room. I’ve known that girl all 13 years of her life, so I know her pretty well. And I can tell you with total confidence that the only reason she stayed on that pillow that whole time was to comfort me.

January 21 2017

Today, I witnessed something historic and beautiful. Millions of people around the world came together in solidarity to speak out against a clear and present danger to free people everywhere. This isn’t about politics; it’s about basic human decency.

People may ask themselves what good it does to walk around in the streets holding signs, but don’t ignore the fact that it’s all anyone is talking about today. And that’s the point. We are engaging the rest of society in an uncomfortable but necessary conversation so they can’t ignore it like they usually do.

I do not want to see several more years of division. But I cannot stand by and watch our nation undo the progress it’s made these past several years. And I’ll do what little I can to ensure a better future for everyone, not just people like myself. Every time someone calls me a delicate little snowflake I want them to remember what the hell an avalanche is made of.

December 16 2016

I shared this video on YouTube exactly one decade ago today. I had no idea at the time what YouTube would become or what it would mean to me ten years later. It’s no longer listed publicly on my channel, but it’s still available to view right here.

December 15 2016

November 24 2016

Every time I think about Thanksgiving, I think about this scene. Every. Single. Time.

November 10 2016

I’d like to thank everyone who has quietly allowed me to verbally work through the insanity of the past 24 hours. I needed the catharsis far more than you needed to chide me for doing so. I’m not sure if it was intentional or due to Facebook’s peril-sensitive algorithms, but I appreciate it nonetheless.

I’m just as sick of these election posts as the next person (probably more so). But I feel like I’ve gotten through to a few people, and a few people have certainly gotten through to me. I’ve also made an ass of myself a few times, but I’m okay with not being perfect. I’m simply cursed/blessed with the inability to remain silent in the face of injustice even if it’s detrimental to myself, which I squarely blame on the Patrick in Eric P. Metze.

So, please forgive me for speaking my mind, and please feel free to speak yours. Though I have a significantly lower threshold for bullshit now, I’ve always striven (albeit imperfectly) to make my online foci into safe spaces that foster discussion. If they are your own thoughts and feelings, then we all need to hear them.

Okay, I’m done now. I doubt anyone one will read this wall of text, but I had to get it out of me. There is no greater agony, after all.


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