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October 20 2009

Q: How do I wake up in the morning without falling back to sleep? I set my alarm 5 times in the morning: 4,5,6,6:30,and 7. I feel so tierd in the morning I use to be able to get up straighten my hair do my makeup very pretty and dress good but now I just wear comfy clothes and i always have my hair up- I look like shit. How can I make my body get up without being so tierd. By the way I do get 9 hours of sleep every night.

A: Well, a major reason you’re having trouble is that alarm schedule. Your brain needs all the REM sleep it can get, and most of that takes place after you’ve been sleeping for a while. If the last three hours of your sleep are interrupted by alarms that are spread out over hours, you’re not waking yourself up…you’re making yourself more tired.

I have my alarm set to go off every ten minutes for an hour. I snooze them over and over until it finally knocks me out of sleep. That’s just one interrupted hour as opposed to three or four.

One other thing to consider is your brain “exercising” during the day. It has been shown that people who have to think about new things a lot (students, scientists, etc.) require more sleep to recover. Your brain isn’t a muscle, but it does get fatigued from overuse. So, if this is the case for you, just try to drink some caffeine and slap yourself a couple times.

Okay, maybe not slap yourself. ;o)

October 18 2009

Q: Why is rest important?

A: Our bodies are gigantic biological machines. We are warm blooded because there are tiny “explosions” happening at the molecular level all day, every day. Our cells take in nutrients, break them apart, and use the energy that is released. We require large amounts of energy to keep our blood flowing, our lungs pumping, and our brain working. And since our brain never ever ever ever stops working, it consumes a ton of energy. Though it isn’t a muscle, it gets fatigued just like a muscle. Resting is just the body’s (and the mind’s) way of allowing those cells to relax and regenerate so we can do it all over again the next day.