• The Evolution of the Signal

    The Evolution of the Signal

    We are able to consume a lot of information, and there is a lot to be consumed, so those who present it must be aware of how it is organized.

  • Out of Palce

    Out of Palce

    I was not in my right mind, I think. While on vacation in Constantinople, I thought I found a nice local café Where I could snuggle up with a dry martini. I thought I’d found a cozy place, But discovered my mistake too late. I sat down at a round table, with only one chair,…

  • Cosmos XI. The Persistence of Memory

    Cosmos XI. The Persistence of Memory

    Information is important to Life, and Earth is positively rippling with both. Quasi-intelligent beings that never see the light of day live on inside us, While mindless molecular machines copy our biological biography With the guided precision of a skilled craftsman. All living creatures store libraries of information in their genes, But many beings are…

  • Grammer


    Speaking English is not hard Though one could hardly tell. Just walk this nation, from coast to coast And you’ll experience linguist’s Hell. In one place, a metaphor Would make but perfect sense. But then there’s the misunderstanding That makes the mood too tense. When in Rome, speak like Texans It’s possible to start a…

  • Wedding Bandits

    I wish that when people saw a wedding band, it meant more that showing to other people that they are no longer “available.” People should see the band and smile to know that they have a significant other somewhere in the world for them. Some people use the band like a magical shield against possible…