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January 27 2008

I’m not a hacker, and though I don’t think they should do anything that’s actually dangerous or damaging, I have to say I honestly think the premise behind Anonymous is more enlightened, more intelligent, and more humane than the bullshit that Scientologists believe. And so, without further ado…

March 2 2007

Most hackers don’t waste their time defacing random web sites that they have no real issue with. Wannabe hackers sit around in their shitty little apartments and use real hacker’s programs to do stupid things like deface a web site. The thing is, these pathetic morons don’t realize that what they’re doing is pointless. This site, for example, gets about one visitor a day, and it’s usually me. So, they’re showing off their names to people who don’t care and are busy cleaning up after them.

They’re lonely, they’re uneducated, and they’re completely worthless. I bet it’s because they never get laid.