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September 30 2007

We buried our cat, Sasha, today. She was about five years old, independent as can be, and only had one kitten (Spot, who lives with Erin and me). I’ll spare everyone the details, but she did not die of natural causes. The point I really want to make is that Erin was remarkably helpful. She took care of the hard part for me, if you know what I mean. Dad, Rob (a neighbor, friend, and first year lawyer), and I dug a hole in the alley.

I felt sorry for Dad because he was super sick and hadn’t gotten out of bed until just then. I felt sorry for Rob because he was all showered and dressed, and yet he was sweating and digging along with the rest of us. I felt sorry for Erin because she was sick and emotionally sensitive, and yet she took it upon herself to do the most gruesome and emotionally-taxing job. But mostly, I felt sorry for Sasha.

Sasha Metze

Eric and Sasha

July 31 2003

Animal Instincts

I’m sitting here with my giant golden retriever puppy (Buddy), my fairly young cat (Sasha) and her less-than-a-month-old kitten (Spot). The mama cat sat down beside me, right in front of where the golden retriever was sleeping. The kitten, smaller than the dog’s snout, crawled to nuzzle up to mama, and had to rub by the dog’s nose to get there. The puppy, who is almost as big as I am, just sniffed the kitten and moved her around a little. It was a fairly tense moment for me, but that dog is really good. The funny thing was the mama cat. She was staring at that huge animal (who was sniffing what could potentially be his dinner), and you could tell she was thinking, “There’s something ain’t right ’bout this.”