I’ve dabbled in fiction since I was a teenager, though if you widen the definition enough I’m sure I’ve been writing fiction since I first learned to lie. This is some of what I’ve done.

  • Ten Terribly Terrific Tall Tales Trying to Trip the Triune – Ten short stories that run the gamut from humorous to ludicrous.
  • States of Matter – Five short stories that follow a young boy into adulthood as he experiments with sex, drugs, and other things you’d expect.
  • Heart of the System – A novella about a young woman born on the outer edges of our solar system who travels to the inner planets only to find herself in the middle of a historic event.
  • Absence – A man exiles himself away from humanity for so long that he misses out on one of the most extraordinary events in human history.
  • Eminence – A serialized sci-fi story in nine parts that follows the adventures of three characters as they learn about each other and contemplate the meaning of life, intelligence, and existence.
  • Gaian – One day, perhaps tomorrow, our planet will attain consciousness and self-awareness.