Short Story

  • Mr. Reman

    Mr. Reman

    The assignment was to write about a serial killer doing something mundane, like shopping. I’m sorry but I just can’t help but think in the future. The main character in this story was originally named Mr. Rivus, but I had to use that name somewhere more important.

  • Probably Not the Greatest Story Ever Told

    Probably Not the Greatest Story Ever Told

    The assignment here was to “write the worst, horriblest story” I could. I’m sure it could’ve been worse, but I wanted to be somewhat readable. Though I’m sure I missed a few, I tried to break every rule I could think of, including (but not limited to) grammar, spelling, coherency, decency, and blasphemy. How many…

  • Shifting Sands

    Shifting Sands

    This is a short story about two men in the middle of the Iraq war from each person’s perspective. One is American and the other is Iraqi. I messed up this assignment because it was supposed to have three perspectives, which threw my creative writing class off. They were confused as to who was speaking.…

  • When Good Characters Go Bad

    When Good Characters Go Bad

    I originally started writing a story where the author torments the main character by putting him in various weird situations. I set it aside for a long time until I was told to write a metafiction story. I pulled out the sections that did not fit my new story and wrote the rest months later.…

  • Last Testament

    Last Testament

    I don’t remember what the assignment was here, but I know I wrote it for a class. It could’ve been a really vague assignment like “write a 1500 word story with first-person dialogue.” I really don’t know. All I do know is that it was inspired by events going on at the time. 9/11 occurred…

  • Absence


    This short story focuses on the experiences of one man that finds himself unwilling to deal with the rest of humanity and his decision to leave society. After a time, strange things begin to happen in the skies above him, and he eventually finds himself wanting to reconnect with the people he had once abandoned.…

  • A Flowing Event

    A Flowing Event

    This is the first complete short story I wrote in college. It was for one of my first English classes and no particular directive.

  • Nessie


    This is the first short story I ever wrote. It is, unfortunately, based on an entirely true story. I got tired of telling over and over again.