• Not a Machine

    Not a Machine

    A short dialogue that isn’t about the breakup.

  • Heart of the System

    Heart of the System

    A young woman goes on a journey to the inner planets of our solar system and becomes a participant in one of the most unprecedented events in human history.

  • Ten Terribly Terrific Tall Tales Trying to Trip the Triune

    Ten Terribly Terrific Tall Tales Trying to Trip the Triune

    This is a collection of ten short stories that were intended to bemuse, berate, and bewilder.

  • Meddling Honor

    Meddling Honor

    For this assignment, we were supposed to have a three-person dialogue about video games without using quotes or identifying markers. I kind of cheated here by adding color, but I’m sure no one will really care either way.

  • I Know, I Know

    I Know, I Know

    The purpose of this assignment was to help us construct the smallest story without having to write an introduction, and to concentrate on developing the story and characters in what was implied rather than said. In case you’re wondering, they are not on ecstasy.

  • Mr. Reman

    Mr. Reman

    The assignment was to write about a serial killer doing something mundane, like shopping. I’m sorry but I just can’t help but think in the future. The main character in this story was originally named Mr. Rivus, but I had to use that name somewhere more important.

  • A Little Role Play

    A Little Role Play

    This assignment was to write a dialogue between two people without using identifying markers like, “he said,” and “said Kari.” I don’t remember what the content requirements were, but I would guess there weren’t any. My professors are good about that.

  • Probably Not the Greatest Story Ever Told

    Probably Not the Greatest Story Ever Told

    The assignment here was to “write the worst, horriblest story” I could. I’m sure it could’ve been worse, but I wanted to be somewhat readable. Though I’m sure I missed a few, I tried to break every rule I could think of, including (but not limited to) grammar, spelling, coherency, decency, and blasphemy. How many…

  • Shifting Sands

    Shifting Sands

    This is a short story about two men in the middle of the Iraq war from each person’s perspective. One is American and the other is Iraqi. I messed up this assignment because it was supposed to have three perspectives, which threw my creative writing class off. They were confused as to who was speaking.…

  • Dude…Chicks


    The assignment was to write from the perspective of someone who is wearing two different shoes and suddenly realizes it. They were supposed to think that everyone noticed and (I guess) freak out about it. My only fear with this story (besides how insufferably lame it is) is that someone might completely miss the irony.…

  • When Good Characters Go Bad

    When Good Characters Go Bad

    I originally started writing a story where the author torments the main character by putting him in various weird situations. I set it aside for a long time until I was told to write a metafiction story. I pulled out the sections that did not fit my new story and wrote the rest months later.…

  • The Drug Dealer

    The Drug Dealer

    This was an assignment where I was supposed to read T. Coraghessan Boyle’s “The Hit Man” and rewrite it using any other profession. It is intended to be a humorous piece about the life of a drug dealer. Special thanks to Boyle for not suing me (yet) for “borrowing” the idea. Try not to take…

  • Last Testament

    Last Testament

    I don’t remember what the assignment was here, but I know I wrote it for a class. It could’ve been a really vague assignment like “write a 1500 word story with first-person dialogue.” I really don’t know. All I do know is that it was inspired by events going on at the time. 9/11 occurred…

  • Absence


    This short story focuses on the experiences of one man that finds himself unwilling to deal with the rest of humanity and his decision to leave society. After a time, strange things begin to happen in the skies above him, and he eventually finds himself wanting to reconnect with the people he had once abandoned.…

  • A Flowing Event

    A Flowing Event

    This is the first complete short story I wrote in college. It was for one of my first English classes and no particular directive.

  • Nessie


    This is the first short story I ever wrote. It is, unfortunately, based on an entirely true story. I got tired of telling over and over again.