Bad Poetry

  • These Dreams

    These Dreams

    These dreams, I know what they mean. I don’t need an interpreter to read my own handwriting on the walls.

  • Trinity


    In a time before Ground Zero meant something else, After our cousins Einstein, Teller, and Oppenheimer, In an empty desert guarded by squat mountains, Humanity took its first step into another age With the detonation of a bomb named Trinity. We viewed the Opening from miles away, As creatures with fragile bodies must do. Even…

  • Circle


    infinite sides and points generated within Euclidian geometry framework, expressing natural beauty, finite in design yet infinite in possibilities, creating completely unlimited sides and angles and points complex actions are condensed into simple equations, as the pie are squared, bringing all points together

  • Dog Spiel

    Dog Spiel

    In our schools and public places The meme of submission minus reason perpetuates, Replicates like bacteria in our sweet minds. We live, some learn, and work ourselves to death, But that was why we were created, wasn’t it? So much needless and mindless discussion, Of things that do and can change nothing. Philosophists invent discussions,…

  • The Gospel

    The Gospel

    God, protect me from your people, With closed minds and blind third eyes. Misinformation and half-truths Are barely discernable from the lies. I’ve felt your presence and your power, My biology is impossible to deny. But I do not fear to think these thoughts, I’d rather know uncomfortable truths than reassuring lies. I appreciate all…

  • Out of Palce

    Out of Palce

    I was not in my right mind, I think. While on vacation in Constantinople, I thought I found a nice local café Where I could snuggle up with a dry martini. I thought I’d found a cozy place, But discovered my mistake too late. I sat down at a round table, with only one chair,…

  • Cosmos XI. The Persistence of Memory

    Cosmos XI. The Persistence of Memory

    Information is important to Life, and Earth is positively rippling with both. Quasi-intelligent beings that never see the light of day live on inside us, While mindless molecular machines copy our biological biography With the guided precision of a skilled craftsman. All living creatures store libraries of information in their genes, But many beings are…

  • Cosmos VIII. Travels in Space and Time

    Cosmos VIII. Travels in Space and Time

    Before the Sun rose and set in the sky of Earth, A giant blue-green rock spun lazily around its star. Then a being, mostly calling itself Man, Gave names to these gods of the ground and sky. Our solitary sun floats with its family of planets. A grain of sand in a beach too massive…

  • Cosmos XII. Encyclopaedia Galactica

    Cosmos XII. Encyclopaedia Galactica

    Ethereal lights in the sky, unexplainable phenomena, And alleged astronauts older than any nation Lead many to believe we’re inundated with uninvited guests. Though I wish it were so, it probably just isn’t true. It could be that we have not been discovered, And our xenophobia causes us to see lights in the sky. Besides,…

  • Hey Babe

    Hey Babe

    I’ll read this note aloud to you now, So you can laugh at me later. It won’t take long, so don’t interrupt, In fact, it’s halfway over. Come cruise with me onboard the Eclipse, And bake the bread of knowledge. I learned today of the coelacanth, Heresy, it seems, is taught in college.

  • A Sudden Waste of Time

    A Sudden Waste of Time

    After breakfast, in my silly slippers and cotton pajamas, I shuffled out into the cold of morning to retrieve my mail. Among the coupons I’ll never use and advertisements I’ll never read, Was a letter with a smiley face where the return address should have been. Starting to shiver slightly, I opened it, And though…

  • Introinspection


    I find a nice park bench to rest for a moment, While the ambience of the city roars all around me. Here in the shade, near a busy playground, My mind goes idle, and I open my treat. The soft brown cube disappears in my mouth: The warm, buttery sweetness of creamy, melted caramel. My…

  • The River of Entropy

    The River of Entropy

    I imagine the Cosmos, infinite and remote. I reflect on our sun, the perfect planetary host. I consider our world, the pale blue home of the Earthlings, I think of this forest, and of this path I tread. Intentionally lost among Appalachian giants, I wander a chaotic, forkful path. Willfully losing myself in the grandeur,…

  • While Watching the News

    While Watching the News

    One sock, two sock, Red sock, blue sock. What the hell? That’s not a pair. Shorts, shirts, pants and underwear. After work on my neighbor’s Sabbath Is my time to unwind and relax my mind. I stretch and I fold, I smooth and I sort, I bring order to the bedlam. The only thing…to interrupt…

  • Aisha


    Today in the park, I watched the denizens of my town, Going about their business, about their day. I noticed a massive woman scolds her minuscule daughter. Her voice was firm and serious, but clearly full of love. Then later, a man with gold chains barked at his wife, And her posture alluded to unknown…

  • sickle and sword

    sickle and sword

    i have an endless number of names throughout the ages whatever my nom de plume, i am the author of insanity inside the minds throughout all of time and space and now i will vindicate the credenda of sages bringing forth a deadly agent, bred by humanity weed out the weak willed, and restart the…

  • The Community

    The Community

    Here on our island in the middle of the Sea, My ninety-nine siblings and I live as kin. We are raised together as a family Taught only of love, and rarely of sin. We all have one Father and no mother But we know we were made from one. He is the creator of this…

  • Skywatcher


    We ride this world, an island of the cosmos Which falls forever towards our sun. We’re perched on the cosmic beach Poised to hold on to one. The jet-black dome is alive with light Ancient energy illuminates the night. The sky is worthy of Heaven, Graced by the upstart Sisters of Seven, With the Hunter,…

  • Grammer


    Speaking English is not hard Though one could hardly tell. Just walk this nation, from coast to coast And you’ll experience linguist’s Hell. In one place, a metaphor Would make but perfect sense. But then there’s the misunderstanding That makes the mood too tense. When in Rome, speak like Texans It’s possible to start a…

  • Waiting to Pounce

    Waiting to Pounce

    The hunter crouches beside a desolate road Watching as the entourage drives by. He fixates on one vehicle in particular, A pair of diplomat flags demand his attention. The beast’s flat olive armor reflects Nothing, as though the light is being sucked back in. A true social evil rides comfortably inside, Rings inside rings form…

  • Connections


    Growing up in this society Tends to erase the variety By restricting your options And forcing conformation People say it’s not okay To do this or do that But somehow, for some reason Its okay to be stupid but not fat. Everything that we say Is subject to fierce scrutiny. And everything that we do…

  • For Help, Press F1

    For Help, Press F1

    Why do you punish people, For doing what they enjoy? Would you punish a little child, For playing with his favorite toy? If I am going to suffer, I‘ll do these things anyway, For if I‘m going to roast, I‘ll enjoy myself today. (Chorus) Of all of the abilities you gave me, Why did you…