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September 8 2015

Tony Hawk playing as his son Riley Hawk on Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5.

August 28 2015

As if you couldn’t tell, I was excited to have Meghan Camarena as one of our hosts for Unlocked.

May 26 2015
May 22 2015

I grew up watching Sean, so it was a privilege to see him working in person. Not only is he as nice as I expected, he’s a great interviewer. He is friendly, personable, and intelligent. Unlocked is fortunate to have him onboard. Thanks for a great couple days, Sean.

May 19 2015

That Michael Rooker is one cool dude. We were allowed to invade Rouge Productions all day to shoot a piece for an episode of Unlocked, and our correspondent was the implacable Michael Rooker. Not only did he have a great time, but everyone there got to enjoy Michael at his best.

March 20 2015

A friend of mine posted a picture of her son to Facebook, and all I could see was the cover to a horror movie. I became so obsessed with it that I spent a ridiculous amount of time working on it. Then I sent it to my friend who posted it to Reddit. It immediately blew up, spent some time at the top of the front page, and it got over a million views on Imgur. The next day Huffington Post contacted my friend about it, and the next day Yahoo Parenting contacted both of us. Once it started appearing on random sites, I knew it’d gone viral. Now it’s on Buzzfeed, Good Morning America, and ABC News. This all coincided with my birthday, so my Facebook feed was thrumming all day. The stars and planets literally aligned. It was the vernal equinox, there was a solar eclipse, and the Internet gave me the best birthday present EVAR.

March 17 2015

We recently did a shoot for Mouser Electronics that took place on the set of StarTrekContinues, and it was an incredibly entertaining experience. Vic Mignogna and his crew have created something amazing. They have tried (and succeeded) to create a near-perfect replica of the original Star Trek series. They’ve led a successful Kickstarter campaign that has ensured that fans get to see more episodes. It was great to meet some of the crew, and I appreciate Vic taking the time to show us around.

The Bridge on Star Trek Continues

February 11 2015

Jeremy Snead interviewing William Shatner for Unlocked
I recently helped shoot an interview between William freakin’ Shatner and Jeremy Snead, the creator of Unlocked, an upcoming television series about video games.