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February 15 2017

“It’s not impossible. I used to bullseye womp rats in my T-16 back home. They’re not much bigger than two meters.”

October 10 2016

This is a short film about the power of love and power itself, set in a galaxy far, far away. It is arguably one of the best stories in the entire Star Wars universe, and it only takes seven minutes to tell.

This is a “mashterpiece” of the cinematic trailer for the Knights of the Eternal Throne expansion to Star Wars: The Old Republic and the song “Illusions” by Thomas J. Bergersen. After a bit of tweaking, I realized that the two pieces just belonged together. It is currently my most popular video on YouTube with almost 1.5 million views as of this writing.

audio: “Illusions” by Thomas J. Bergersen
video: Star Wars: The Old Republic – Knights of the Eternal Throne – “Betrayed” Trailer

December 9 2015

The original version of this video is incredibly powerful. Set to layered imagery and well-crafted voiceover, this is the kind of Star Wars story everyone wants to see. I wanted to try setting it to music for a few reasons: it has visual themes that both imitate and contradict with Star Wars canon, it’s a relatively obscure franchise, and there is no spoken dialogue to work around. The ending of the song and the video both have a sustained ending that is usually one of my pet peeves: the mindless fade out. I’ve always held the obnoxious opinion that if you can write a beginning then you can write an ending. In this case, the fade-out is intended to build anticipation and leave the viewers with questions.

audio: “Rada” by Thomas Bergersen
video: Star Wars: The Old Republic – Knights of the Fallen Empire – “Sacrifice” Trailer

April 22 2015

Produced for Mouser Electronics by Mediajuice Studios
Directed by Jeremy Snead
Edited by Eric P. Metze, Jeremy Snead, and Kevin Clancy

December 25 2014
October 18 2009

Q: Spiritually speaking about midichlorian evolution…?
If midichlorians are symbiotic flora that communicate with the Force, and is present in Jedi who have emerged from genetically unrelated races that evolved from different planets across the galaxy far far away, where did midichlorians come from? How can the same genetic material evolve on multiple planets simultaneously? Could they have been spread by biological vector through interspecies relations during the Old Republic?

A: It’s very likely that there once existed a race of beings that planted the seed of biology on planets all over the universe, much like the Scientologists believe. Natural, normal biological evolution shows almost zero chance of spreading to that many places and being that successful without the intention and care of intelligent beings.

I used to like the idea that Lucas introduced a whole new generation to the idea of mitochondrial evolution, but his half-arsed analogy may be more harmful because it closely (but not accurately) described something that people really should know more about.

May 4 2009

May the 4th

May the 4th be with you!

nyuk, nyuk

That’s all.

(Thanks Jennifer.)

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