Tag: hypocrisy

July 24 2012

So, you disagree/agree with all of the bitching about Chick-fil-A? Oh, what’s that? You don’t actually care? You just want to bitch at everyone who’s bitching?

Well, be careful what you start. Because that makes me want to bitch at those that bitch at everyone who’s bitching. And that’ll make someone else want to bitch about the people like me that are bitching about those that bitch at everyone who’s bitching. And that will piss someone else off, so they will start bitching at the people who bitch about the people that are bitching about those that bitch at everyone who’s bitching. See where I’m going with this?

This is the United States, and you’re on the Internet. People are always going to bitch. Either join the conversation or leave us to it. Bitching about it doesn’t help.

May 10 2012

I have a serious question for anyone that is against gay marriage for religious reasons: Why aren’t you trying to suppress atheists from getting married? After all, there are millions of gay people that actually believe in God (even the same one as you), but you don’t want them defiling the church through unholy matrimony. Meanwhile there are millions of godless heathens that go around getting hitched (even in your churches) in direct opposition to your beliefs, but I can’t recall one piece of legislation designed to deny non-believers the same rights as you want to deny homosexuals.

July 29 2010

I am far from a grammar Nazi, but if you’re going to tell someone they’re an idiot (or otherwise insult their intelligence), at least learn the difference between your and you’re. :oP

December 10 2009

How gay are you?

Sacha Baron Cohen…


…acts gay…


…but isn’t.


Sen. Larry Craig…


…acts straight…

larry craig and wife

…but isn’t.


October 9 2009

Q: Why do some Christians tell atheists that they aren’t going to heaven?
Do they think that bothers us? We don’t believe there’s a heaven and we don’t think Christians themselves are going to any place like that either. So why do they say this to us?

A: Short answer: They’re bad Christians.

Long(er) answer: You have to keep in mind that when someone says that, they really believe there is a Heaven. And for you not to go there (or more specifically, that they don’t want you to go there) it goes against all of their teachings about saving people and loving one another. They’ve already committed grievous hypocrisy, so throwing reason or logic into the mix isn’t going to help. It usually means they have nothing better to add to the conversation and have devolved into insults.

Just smile and respond to them like you would if a five year old told you that Santa isn’t going to bring you presents this year because you were bad.