Tag: ghosts

November 5 2009

Q: How come atheists are never haunted by ghosts or spirits?

A: We are! Everyone is! The difference is that some people recognize those fears as an irrational and natural part of our biological heritage, so we don’t pay them much attention. Our imagination is a power thing.

“I don’t believe in ghosts but they scare the hell out of me.”
~Yogi Berra

October 25 2009

Q: Has anyone ever seen a ghost?

A: No one has ever seen a ghost. Our brains misinterpret the unknown by giving them more reality than they actually have. If there was any proof of ghosts we would’ve found in the several thousand years that humans have been claiming it. We even live in a world where cameras are running 24 hours a day all over the world and we only get glimpses of things that some people think might be a ghostly apparition. In other words, they didn’t see crap.