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May 19 2015

That Michael Rooker is one cool dude. We were allowed to invade Rouge Productions all day to shoot a piece for an episode of Unlocked, and our correspondent was the implacable Michael Rooker. Not only did he have a great time, but everyone there got to enjoy Michael at his best.

May 28 2012

Nine days after getting married, Steve Metze found out he was being deployed as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Metze, a West Point graduate, Desert Storm veteran, and documentary filmmaker, decided to pack a camera and document his year in Iraq. The film consists of footage shot by Metze during his deployment to Iraq and was edited by Don Swaynos.

September 16 2008

An excellent review of the new Iraq documentary, Year at Danger. For operations in Iraq, the National Guard mobilized schoolteachers, police officers, bankers, mechanics…and one filmmaker.

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