“I think it sounds amazing.”
Cris Velasco

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“What an excellent idea!! And great array of composers – dark, epic, rousing and powerful… some very nice blends.”
Infected Music Designs

“I was stunned when I heard your work. Great job connecting all this movie tracks in one unbelievable music piece. Keep up the good work!”

“The way you edit the music cannot be put into words properly! Fantastic is a great beginning! I too am a product of films and as a writer, I find these composers a great inspiration to my craft. Thank you for thinking outside the box!”

“Very cool idea/concept and it sounds great, like you really are watching the movie, love it! =)”
Jillian Riscoe

“I think ye got some really great talent! Yer music is very unique and epic.”
The Number 1 Pirates of the Caribbean Expert

“very cool, very impressive, unique”
Christine Moore

“Dude you rock. Symphoniacal will make great ambiance for my games.”

“This is a very cool concept!”
Bella Rumore

“I love your music it’s really amazing!”

“Awesome sounds!”
Darth Bruticus

“Wonderful work!”
Dead Industrie

“Great sounds!”
Battleground Victory

“Sounds fantastic.”

“Really interesting concept you have, sounds great…”

“I like your music. Your sound is very BIG!”
Andy (of The Whatevers)

“Very interesting concept– pretty cool!”
Rick Jacobi

“Good work on this timeless music!”
Dawn & Dusk Entwined

“Very interesting mix you have put together here, great job.”
Deerstet Music

“Marvelous music! Great piece of orchestral work!”
Maciej Mutwil

“Simply awesome! We look forward to hearing more of your musical collages.”

“Great project!!”

“This is very great music, keep it up!!!!!”
C. Schauer

“Beautiful – absolutely! Love the energy here!”
The Muse

“I like your music very much.”
Victor Amadi

“Fantastic work…”

“Chapter 26 is just awesome :D”

“Great work! Congratulations.”

“That’s fantastic! I love the mix. The big drums got my attention. I’ll be back to see more. :-)”
Candice Bennett

“Wow. The sounds are wondrous and ethereal. Take me to another place. Very cool!”
Angelica Waters

“Wow! Your work is really very interesting!”
Renaud Schmitt

“I really like this…great stuff!”
Sandra Valdis

“This stuff is amazing, a really great concept, i love it!”
Mladen Kalinic

“Wow!…thats all i can say…amazing stuff.”
Steven J. Mihaljevich

“I think your musical collages are beautiful and mesmerizing.”
Edwin Sykes

“Terrific concept!”
Michael Palmieri

“This is sooo cool…great concept, great execution…”
Doug Thompson

“Beautiful compilation, I really enjoy listening to this music soooo much.”
Maite Itoiz

“I think what you’ve done is masterful & brave. All I want now is the album! :o)”
John J. Woodward

“Awesome concept you have going here. I love it!”
Jesse (Trico Films)