Symphoniacal is an epic homage to the most powerful and moving musical scores in television, film, and video games. It began more than a decade ago after I mixed a few of my favorite songs from movie soundtracks into a short compilation. That was version 1. Over the years I have added songs, removed them, edited them, tweaked them, and worked on the overall sound. It eventually took on a life of its own, and I have been working on it ever since.

Like so many other people, I grew up watching movies and playing video games. I spent countless hours listening to everything from classical music to heavy metal, and I was a performing musician for several years. Consequently, Symphoniacal is much more than a compilation of my favorite songs. I have tried to use my love for certain forms of entertainment along with my understanding of musical composition to combine dozens of songs, sound effects, and audio clips into a single piece of music. It is a musical collage that is intended to be an experience just like watching a movie.

It is important to note that I did not write any of these songs. My only tools were my music collection, computers, headphones, and editing software. I did not have the symphonies, keyboards, or vocal talents at my disposal to create this music. Regardless of those limitations, it has become my goal to create a completely unique album using the music of others as my medium and your mind as my canvas.

Symphoniacal is a work in progress composed of symphonic music, instrumental soundtracks, dozens of songs blended together, sound effects from various sources, and audio clips from historic figures and films. It is not, for sale, a remix album, or a compilation album. It’s an entirely different thing altogether. For most of the life of this project, it has a been a purely auditory experience. And now I’m adding the other half by incorporating video.