I’m a multimedia artist and content creator from Texas. I was born in west Texas in 1978, raised in a town of 12,000 people, moved to a city of a quarter million in 2000, moved to a city of several million in 2013, this page went 8 years without an update, the number of planets went from 9 to 8, and many other things involving numbers happened during that time. I’ve done the school thing, the work thing, and the media production thing. I adopted the screen name Metzae because it was something I could use that didn’t need any special characters or numbers. That was in the mid-90’s when the “world wide web” was still mostly a playground for nerds like myself. In 2000, I created Metzae.net and formed Metzae Media in 2006. If you find someone with the username Metzae in a video game, social network, or website, then it’s either me or some jerk that’s sitting on the name.