Q: Is Bill O’Reilly bipolar?

Q: Is Bill O’Reilly bipolar?
this guy realy creeps me out when he gets pissed at his guests

A: If he was bipolar we would have more examples of him completely losing it like he did early on in his career. What you’re seeing now is mostly egomania. His cult-like following and the fact that he has a job where he can yell, lie, and manipulate large numbers of people is the perfect place for him…at least in his mind.

“Shut up!”
~Bill O’Reilly

“Turn his mic off! Turn his mic off!”
~Bill O’Reilly

I’m sure there are other examples.


3 responses to “Q: Is Bill O’Reilly bipolar?”

  1. I love the guy. He doesn’t hold anything back, and he has brass balls unlike little Chris Matthews who brags about Obama “giving (him) a thrill up (his) leg”. Besides, O’Reilly has been known to shout things like, WE’LL DO IT LIVE!! F*CK IT!! F*CKIN’ THING SUCKS!!” in response to his teleprompter messing up.
    Dang. We need him for president.

  2. If that idiot were elected president this nation would need a lobotomy. He represents an increasingly-irrelevant section of America: old, hateful, white jackasses.

  3. Let’s see: in that last post you revealed yourself as ageist and racist. Oh, and when you call him “hateful” I suspect you’re projecting.

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