Rise of the Conservative Media

Faux News is the new face of domestic terrorism. They are not simply exercising their right to free speech or press; they are abusing their position and power to further their political agenda. Their blatant and intentional distortions lead to widespread misinformation, they create and organize anti-government opposition, and they actively state they want the current system to fail. They are, without question, the greatest current threat to the stability and prosperity of the United States.

“The conservative media is winning now. They’re winning. They’re damaging the president of the United States and there’s other stuff comin’ down the pike.”
~Bill O’Reilly


2 responses to “Rise of the Conservative Media”

  1. Reggie1971 Avatar

    The new face of domestic terrorism? LOL. They merely report things that Obama’s sycophants in traditional media willfully ignore.

    You do yourself nor your agenda no favor by ranting hysterically like an archetypical college campus, left wing hippie douchebag. Mainstream Americans like the idea of a diversity of opinion in media, despite the Stalinist tendencies of people like you.

  2. Hee hee. Reading your deluded, hypocritical, and poorly-thought-out rant just made my day. Where, exactly, did I rant hysterically? And where, precisely, do I show my “Stalinist tendencies”? Oh, never mind. You’re not even able of using the word “nor” correctly, what makes me think you’ll be able to respond to my answers? Poor widdle baby doesn’t like it when the world doesn’t agwee wiff him, does he?

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