No Wii. Why? No $.

Why You Can’t Get Your Hands on a Wii Annotated

  • I have owned a Nintendo since 1985, and I’ve never owned an Xbox, a Sega, a PlayStation, or anything since my Atari when I was (literally) too young to walk. So, Nintendo’s success here is kind of a great thing for me to watch. The sad irony is that I have patiently waited for almost two years to get my hands on one. Partly because my video game fix comes from programming on my laptop, but mostly because I refuse to pay over retail price for it. Still, it’s getting harder to resist this “toy.” Now, that seems like brilliant marketing…
    – post by metzae
Last week was Nintendo’s best since the Wii’s launch, with 350,000 sold in the United States alone. In comparison, Microsoft sold about that many Xbox 360s last month. It’s a remarkable triumph for a console focused on the kind of simple games skeptics originally wrote off as “thumb candy for dummies.”


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