I am a multimedia artist and video producer living in Texas. I was born in West Texas in 1978, raised in a town of 12,000 people, moved to a city of a quarter million in 2000, moved to a city of several million in 2013, this page went 8 years without an update, the number of planets went from 9 to 8, and many other things involving numbers happened during that time. I’ve done the school thing and the work thing, and now I’m doing the media production thing. I adopted the screen name Metzae because it was something I could use that didn’t need any special characters or numbers. That was in the mid-90’s when the “world wide web” was still mostly a playground for geeks. In 2000, I created and formed Metzae Media in 2006. If you find someone with the username Metzae in a video game, social network, or website, then it’s probably me.

Mashterpiece Theater

These videos are much more than mashups. Great care was taken to blend, edit, and re-time the sights and sounds so they would feel like they were meant for each other. The goal with these was to create something entirely new, not just set these videos to different music.

In most cases, I tried to keep the original edit without remixing it too much. Having said that, my apologies to all the amazing artists that brought the original works to life.

Music Videos

I’d like to think of these more than just a fan-made video. I edited and these videos to match the music, and I took a lot of time to make sure they worked well. Admittedly, this doesn’t mean they’re perfect. Every time I watch one of my videos, I see something I want to change. It should also be noted that I was not paid or asked to do these. This is just fun and practice.


I’ve owned a digital camera since July of 1999, long before camera phones were a viable option. It was a Polaroid PDC640, and it stored tiny pictures on a tiny memory chip. I’ve gone through multiple cameras and (like most people) moved onto camera phones. Since that time I’ve deleted all but about 25,000. These are some of my favorites.


22 Mar

The only unbreakable promise of war is that one day it will end.

audio: “Promise” by Thomas Bergersen
video: Last Day of War by Dima Fedotov

12 Mar

This is a proof of concept, not a finished video. It needs a lot of additional editing and effects.

I’m not sure what inspired this, but once the idea was in my head, I had to try it out. I combined “Duality” by Slipknot with the video for “Out of the Woods” by Taylor Swift. After a couple of hours of editing, it suddenly became apparent that the concept could work. I keep coming back to it, tweaking it, then quietly replacing the older versions online.

Like I do with all of my videos.

9 Mar

I mixed this together last night. Some videos and songs seem like they were meant for each other, and these fall into that category. It uses “Lost in Las Vegas” by Two Steps from Hell and is to “X-Story” by Vitaliy Shushko. The story mostly takes place outside of a city that resembles a futuristic Las Vegas, so visually it’s very tied to the name of the song. And thematically, it has a somber melody that suits the protagonist’s journey while it musically wanders like someone lost in themselves.

21 Feb

This is probably the most epic food fight you’ll ever see. It’s made of Rooster Teeth‘s RWBY set to Babymetal‘s “Uki Uki Midnight.” I love this video for multiple reasons. First, it’s satisfying how the beats and flow of the song match the action on the screen. Second, the sheer ridiculousness of this fight goes great with the sheer intensity and playfulness of Babymetal. And perhaps most of all, it’s a Japanese band performing an American-inspired musical genre set to an American show mimicking a Japanese-inspired television genre.

19 Feb

Sometimes even a first draft is worth sharing. The challenge now is to figure out how to make it look like Blake Belladonna is singing the lyrics sung by Alexis Krauss.

15 Feb

“It’s not impossible. I used to bullseye womp rats in my T-16 back home. They’re not much bigger than two meters.”

9 Dec

This is an incomplete first draft.

Audio: “New World Order” by Two Steps from Hell from the album Vanquish


Like most people, I’ve had multiple jobs, gone to school, and done all the things you put on a résumé. This timeline focuses on my life as a creator. Some of these milestones are hugely significant; some are seemingly trivial. But collectively, they are the points in time that ultimately led you here.



More Than Just Mashups

I’d never done real video editing until I started working with Mediajuice Studios. Sure, I’ve tweaked a couple of things using iMovie and similar programs, but I hadn’t done real editing until it was required for the job. So, to learn the software and get into the video editor mindset, I began experimenting with Adobe Premiere Pro. I set a song to a video mostly on a whim, but it immediately became an obsession. I went from song to song, video to video, searching for things that worked together. A few of them (particularly this one) have gained a lot of attention, which has encouraged me to keep creating.


Unlocked: The World of Games, Revealed

Associate Producer

I was fortunate enough to be a part of the Mediajuice Studios team that brought Jeremy Snead‘s new documentary series to life. It took us two years and tens of thousand of miles, but it is finally available to the public. As a lifelong gamer, it was clearly a thrill to be a part of something like this. We met some fascinating people and documented some truly captivating conversations. My roles included organizing the shoots, planning the travel, researching the topics, booking the interviewees, recording on-location audio, running one of the cameras, video editing, graphic editing, sound editing, scripting explainer videos, building the website, and prepping the booze.

Bedtime Fake Movie Poster

Bedtime Fake Movie Poster

First Viral Content

A friend of mine shared a picture of her son asleep on the stairs, and it was so amusing to me that I pumped it through Photoshop. It seemed too dark at first (because it looked like a horror film with dead child), so I started to add humor to it. The more I worked on it, the more amusing I found it. When it was done, I emailed to the parents of the kid. They posted it to Reddit, it soared to the top, and then it went truly viral.

Joined Mediajuice Studios

Joined Mediajuice Studios

Producer and Editor

I did my first shoot with Mediajuice at Mouser Electronics, and Jeremy asked me to help him out with other projects after that. I divided my time between our upcoming television series and doing work for the studio itself. During that time I have become best friends with Adobe Creative Cloud, particularly Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and After Effects. But I have also been exploring the production side to multimedia, from organizing shoots to marketing the final products.

Heart of the System

Heart of the System

First Novella

This story came about one night when I was supposed to be writing something else. In a fit of inspiration, I wrote the majority of the story, which was about half of its current length. Then I left it alone for many years. I came back to it many years later and began building it back up. Now, it’s technically finished, but I haven’t completely abandoned it yet.

Click here to request access.

I remember when Jenni was a young woman performing acoustic sessions at coffee shops in front of groups that consisted of her friends and random people who happened to be there that night. Even then, her talent was undeniable. I offered to create a website for her because I knew she was worthy of publicity that her unpaying gigs could not afford. Since that time, I’ve seen her grow into a full-time musician, band leader, and masterful song writer.


Formed Metzae Media

Formed Metzae Media

freelance business

After toying with website design for years and landing a few paying gigs, I decided I would take advantage of my new hobby and make my business legal. But websites were just part of the job. I designed pamphlets, posters, fliers, logos, maintained social media, edited audio, mixed music, and several other digital services. I honed my Photoshop skills and learned (the hard way) how to manage dozens of websites simultaneously.


Lubbock Criminal Defense Lawyers Association

States of Matter

States of Matter

First Book

These stories were written as part of a semester-long project in my final creative writing class at Texas Tech University.

Ten Terribly Terrific Tall Tales Trying to Trip the Triune

Ten Terribly Terrific Tall Tales Trying to Trip the Triune

Collection of Short Stories

This is a collection of ten short stories that were intended to bemuse, berate, and bewilder. They include everything from the serious to the absurd, from events which are entirely possible to ideas that are barely comprehensible. All of them were written in 2003, and they are my first attempts at polished works of fiction. They are all products of my creative writing classes, so I’ve included an explanation of the assignments that led to each story. They have virtually nothing in common except that my brain pooped them out, so hopefully you’ll find something to keep you entertained.



Album-length Musical Mashup

This is an homage to powerful musical scores began more than a decade ago after I mixed a few of my favorite songs from movie soundtracks into a short compilation. I spent years working on it, applying my musical training with the program that eventually became Adobe Audition. It eventually took on a life of its own, and I have been working on it ever since. It’s a combination of dozens of songs, sound effects, and audio clips transformed into a single piece of music. It is a musical collage that is intended to be an experience just like watching a movie.



First Published Story

I wrote this story a very long time ago after I experienced it in a dream. Then a few years later, I picked it up and worked on it some more. I submitted it to a modest journal with an impressive-sounding name (The Next One Literary Journal sponsored by the Texas Tech University Honors College), and they accepted it. I didn’t make any money off of it, and it wasn’t a long-running journal, but I did get to experience the joy of seeing my words in print.


My Personal Network

This began as a learning experience, grew into a hobby, and laid the groundwork for my professional skill set. The current version is much less intricate but it is more in tune with modern web standards. I try to keep the legacy version site online because I coded the entire thing by hand, but it’s so dependent on decade-old web standards. It’s a nice reminder of the fact that I learned most of what I know about HTML, CSS, and web standards through this project.

A Fine White Cloud

A Fine White Cloud

First Digital Camera

This picture is pretty unremarkable. It’s just a white cloud in a blue sky. But it is remarkable to me. That’s because it was the first picture I snapped with my first digital camera that felt like more than just a snapshot of my friends. I framed it up before I even knew what framing was and was struck by the starkness of it before I understood that was the reason the picture exists. After that, I started looking at the world from the perspective of a photographer. Tens of thousands of pictures later, making the transition to videographer was relatively painless.



First Website

I remember the first time I right-clicked a website and realized what “view source code” meant. At the time, most websites were simple enough that you could pull almost any element from them, modify the code, and make it your own. So I started tinkering with HTML and built a few pages. I was a huge fan of the band Dream Theater, so of course, a geek like me would make a fan site and fill it with animated GIFs. It’s not a great website by any means, and only keep it for sentimental reasons.


Awn Saum Bull

Full Musical Composition

As part of a project for a class that would probably be called AP Eccentricity, I composed a song for our high school concert band. The full title is “Awn Saum Bull: A Hymn for Her” (I was 16.) The band performed it at one of our concerts that year. No one seemed to hate it even though I was a total amateur. I learned a lot about music even though I’d been doing it for many years. It was a weird experience, but it was a valuable one. That was the first time I learned how to create something that complex, and I have flashbacks whenever I’m working on similar things to this day.

x286 IBM Clone

x286 IBM Clone

First Personal Computer

My father has always been a technophile, so I have always been around computers. The first computer I ever had that belonged specifically to me was an IBM clone with a 286 processor, extremely similar to the one pictured above. A personal and private computer has been a staple of my life ever since. They have always been more than just digital sandboxes and expensive solitaire machines.

Nintendo Entertainment System

Nintendo Entertainment System

First Gaming Console

Like millions of other kids, this console marked the beginning of my lifetime obsession with video games. Though I’d grown up around them and had even tinkered with previous consoles, this was my first immersion into virtual worlds. If the stories were well-written and compelling, it became just as engaging as any other medium. And if they weren’t, I just filled in the gaps on my own.

Ms. Pac-Man

Ms. Pac-Man

First Digital Obsession

I have only the vaguest memory of the first five years of my life, but during that time my family owned the only arcade in our town. One of my first memories of video games was standing on a stool and playing Ms. Pac-Man.