Category: Reel

October 10 2017

This is the Wilhelm scream of movie trailers. I was commissioned to put this little piece together for a talk that composer Mark Petrie gave recently. He wanted to highlight the ubiquitous BRAAAM sound that was popularized by the trailer for Inception and has since gone on to appear in dozens of trailers. It started out as a two-minute piece, but we had to whittle it down to around 30 seconds.

October 12 2016

I’m grateful to have been a part of such a fun project. Mediajuice Studios conceptualized and pitched the idea to Gearbox Software, and they hired us to bring it to life.

October 6 2016

Produced by Mediajuice Studios
Directed by Jeremy Snead
Editing and motion graphics by Eric P. Metze
Additional graphics by Kevin Clancy & Kenny Price

June 24 2016

Capcom hired Mediajuice to edit and remix three great trailers for Umbrella Corps into a single epic trailer. This was the result. It was going to be shown in toy stores, so it had to be rated E. Making a trailer for a first-person zombie-slaying competitive shooter isn’t easy when you have to keep it kid-friendly. Still, I think it turned out great.

produced by Mediajuice Studios
directed by Jeremy Snead

March 3 2016
April 22 2015

Produced for Mouser Electronics by Mediajuice Studios
Directed by Jeremy Snead
Edited by Eric P. Metze, Jeremy Snead, and Kevin Clancy