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April 22 2015

Produced for Mouser Electronics by Mediajuice Studios
Directed by Jeremy Snead
Edited by Kevin Clancy
Filmed by Eric P. Metze, Kevin Clancy, and Jeremy Snead

March 20 2015

A friend of mine posted a picture of her son to Facebook, and all I could see was the cover to a horror movie. I became so obsessed with it that I spent a ridiculous amount of time working on it. Then I sent it to my friend who posted it to Reddit. It immediately blew up, spent some time at the top of the front page, and it got over a million views on Imgur. The next day Huffington Post contacted my friend about it, and the next day Yahoo Parenting contacted both of us. Once it started appearing on random sites, I knew it’d gone viral. Now it’s on Buzzfeed, Good Morning America, and ABC News. This all coincided with my birthday, so my Facebook feed was thrumming all day. The stars and planets literally aligned. It was the vernal equinox, there was a solar eclipse, and the Internet gave me the best birthday present EVAR.

March 10 2015

Produced for Capcom by Mediajuice Studios
Directed by Jeremy Snead
Edited by Kevin Clancy and Eric P. Metze

February 11 2015

Produced by Mediajuice Studios
Director: Jeremy Snead
Editor: Kevin Clancy
Photography: Jeremy Snead, Kevin Clancy, and Eric P. Metze

July 29 2013

My first book is officially for sale. This is a collection of ten short stories that were intended to bemuse, berate, and bewilder. They include everything from the serious to the absurd, from events which are entirely possible to ideas that are barely comprehensible. They have little in common except that my brain pooped them out, so you’re bound to find something to keep you entertained.

June 7 2013

I’ve been slowly working on this Dream Theater project for several years. It takes one track from each album and blends them together into a single album. If you’ve never really heard of Dream Theater, then this is the best way I know how to introduce you. And if you’re already a fan, then this should sufficiently melt your face.

March 20 2012

I first started doing Jenni’s website back when she was just a girl and her guitar at coffee shops. I enjoyed her music and her company, so I felt compelled to help her with her online presence. Years later, when she was gearing up to record her first album with a full band, I felt it was necessary to re-build her website.