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February 10 2015

We interviewed Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes at his house for the upcoming series, Unlocked.

Eric P. Metze, Kevin Smith, Jason Mewes, and Kevin Clancy

I feel it’s appropriate (and important) to make a note of something that happened that day. While we were in the middle of the shoot, Kevin excused himself for a few minutes after saying, “I’m dealing with a dying dog.” I thought he was joking until I saw his post this morning. It turns out that his beloved pet of 17 years was literally a day away from dying.

Kevin Smith and his dog

From what I can tell, this picture was taken while he took his break from our interview. Like I said in the comments on the picture, he returned as though nothing was wrong and was just as funny and friendly as you imagine he would be. I feel his pain and his loss, and now I respect him more than I ever imagined I would.

February 5 2015


I finally experienced the Oculus. Though it was the first version and the only thing I could do was test out alpha-quality programs, it definitely convinced me that further improvements will usher in a new era in immersive entertainment.

December 25 2014
March 20 2010


“Bonsaijitu” comes from the mix of two words: bonsai and taijitu (which is what most people call the yin-yang symbol). Though it’s not finished, I am still relatively pleased with the image. I took real pictures of bonsai masterpieces and manipulated them to create this one.

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