Q: Does anyone know what percent of humans will one day be fossils?
in a debate with a creationist. I remember hearing it at one point its microscopic.

A: It would be hard to pin down a number but just consider this…

Dinosaurs existed for hundreds of millions of years. Every year there were hundreds of millions of births and deaths. Multiply those two numbers and you begin to realize how many dinosaurs once walked the Earth.

It isn’t much of a stretch to conclude that during that time there were trillions (or quadrillions) of large dinosaurs growing, living, dying, and scattering their bones across the planet. And even though there were an insanely large number of dinosaurs depositing bones, we are limited to the thousands(? hundreds? millions?) we have found intact.

Now consider the fact that there are currently more living people on the planet than have ever lived in the past combined. A few billion people aren’t going to leave very many fossils considering how many dinosaur fossils we’ve found.