Q: Is it time that we abolish the two party system? And replace it with one party? Then we could actually judge?

Q: Is it time that we abolish the two party system? And replace it with one party? Then we could actually judge?
our elected one’s on their own merit. It’s evident that the Capitalist want America to fold under Democratic control, and clear that under Capitalist control that the bottom three quarter’s of america suffers.

A: As far as abolishing a two party system, you’d have to prove to everyone that it is fundamentally flawed and actually serves to harm our nation. While I tend to agree with this, proving something like that would take a massive effort unlike any this nation has ever seen.

Surely you don’t want to replace it with a one party system. That’s an oligarchy. The only difference between an oligarchy and a dictatorship is a supreme leader, and in a one party system they always elect a supreme leader. The governments of Germany, Italy, and Japan had this system in place several decades ago and look what they did with it: World War II.

Capitalism is a truly evil social system unless it’s counter-balanced by a government that looks out for the people. Capitalism, by definition, only cares about one thing: money. I would argue that both current parties (Democrats and Republicans) have elements of capitalism driving them, but really the Republicans are far more obsessed with money.

The capitalists you’re referring to in your question is just that particular element of the Republican party that wants the government to fail under Democratic rule. It’s not because they want America to fail; it’s just that they think they know better than the Democrats and they want another shot at ruling the nation. Of course, under their control we took the largest surplus in history and created the largest deficit in history, insurance and lending companies were given free reign to do as they wish which led to the current economic crisis, and they spent almost all of our money on a war that has had very little (if any) positive economic benefits for our nation.

So, considering what the Republicans have done to this nation in just eight years, can you imagine what it’d be like if one party (Dems or Reps) ruled indefinitely? No thanks.


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