Q: This question was asked yesterday. Would the religious do the same for atheist?
Atheists, If religion was outlawed would you fight for freedom of religion?
Freedom of religion is considered a fundamental civil right, if it was to be prohibited (like it was under the Stalin regime) would you fight alongside Christians, Muslims, etc. to get back your right even though it does not affect you?

A: Unlike most religious people, atheists are not spiritually selfish. When you hear about an atheist fighting “against” something religious, they’re mostly fighting for their own religious freedoms. Atheists (obviously) aren’t religious people but they are often very spiritual, so they recognize persecution even when it’s not directed at them. And in my mind, religious freedom *is* a right of all people and should be fought for by everyone. That doesn’t mean suppressing one religion in favor of another, and that includes the “religion” of atheism.