In the future everyone will have their 15GB of backup.

This past weekend, my computer started acting funny. At first it was just annoying (as it always is) but then it became frustrating. So frustrating, in fact, that when I got angry over it, I slapped the top of my desk in an stupid fit of frustration. I didn’t pound it, I didn’t smash it with a hammer, and I didn’t freak out. I was just frustrated.

As soon as I hit the desk, my computer freaked out. It gave me the blue screen of death and rebooted. I didn’t touch the damn thing and it REBOOTED! I tried to boot it up three or four times, and eventually began to resign myself to the fact that I somehow killed it. But then it came back on and booted like it normally does. No problem.

Until last night.

It was on but the screen was black, so I tried all the usual buttons and button combination’s. Nada. I rebooted. Nada. I unplugged it, waited, and tried again. Still nada. The lights were on but no one was home.

So, I sat down and explained it to my girlfriend. My work horse had finally given up. I must’ve worked it to death. Seems like I tend to do that.

The bad news is that I’ve lost everything I’ve been working on over the past who-knows-how-long. But I’m not freaking out. Why? Because there is good news. First of all, I use an online service to back stuff up, so none of my really important files are gone. Second, I knew this was going to happen eventually, so I’ve resigned myself to the fact that it was inevitable. Third, I’ve started using online services rather than computer-based software, so most of the stuff I use is working just fine even though I’m on a completely different computer.

I predict that in ten years most people will be doing the exact same thing. Why spend hundreds of dollars on external hard drives, back up hard drives, and dozens of CD’s and DVD’s, when they’re all doomed to fail? Online backup services backup their backups!


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